The Kitchen Collection was inspired by all the meals at home during quarantine. I went to my husband and said "Hey! Do you think you can make cutting boards and serving trays?" His response was "I'll Try" and here we are with the MOST AMAZING collection of 18 hand carved, hand painted serving trays and boards. This collection came out even more AMAZING then I had dreamed, and I hope you guys fall in love with this series, and maybe take one home to brighten up your nightly dinners or get ready for a large dinner party when its safe!
We have trays perfect for every occasion, from small to large.

THE Features


Serving Tray
11" x 19"

This piece has a partial epoxy finish. We have used a BPA -FREE, VOC-FREE epoxy. Although the epoxy we use is food safe we do not recommend cutting on the areas with epoxy. The rest of the board is finished with a cutting board oil(mineral oil) We recommend reapplying a food safe oil as needed.

Wash by hand

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