This collection was so fun to create. I loved using all these bright and vibrant colors that inspired me to build this series. Each piece represents the sea life I enjoy seeing while diving and fishing in the Florida Keys. 
I was born here in the Florida Keys and considered the ocean my playground, I've watched the decline in our reefs, but with that have also watched amazing foundations such as Coral Restoration Foundation. This consists of many volunteers who put all of their heart into restoring our reefs. I believe there is HOPE for the future of our reefs, oceans, and sea life if we all just do our part. I reached out to Coral Restoration when planning this collection and asked if they would partner with me. They were pleased to work together and it has made this collection that much more amazing! I have learned so much already and I hope that you will also fall in love with the ocean through my paintings,
and then find your very own way to help. 
I will be donating 20% from each original sold in this collection to Coral Restoration Foundation.

THE Features

"Tropical Fish Wood" Original

01. Original 15x34" Acrylic Painting on live edge on Norfolk Island Pine.

02.Finished with 2-3 coats of epoxy, wired and ready to hang.

03. A series of canvas and live edge originals inspired by long summer days exploring the coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

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