Last year I became especially inspired by the weed lines of sargassum and all the sea life living below while we were out mahi fishing. I'd be scooping up the weeds and studying their intricate colors, shapes, and patterns. I was finding myself in the water photographing their movement in the waves, and all the fish and sea life hiding within. This collection is full of blues, greens, and golds that I felt the need to bring to life in the studio.
 I'm always down for a day of tuna fishing! Full speed offshore in search for a good weed line or diving birds, pulling up to them and getting a closer look. YES, Black fin! These football shaped fish are some of my favorite to catch and eat. When I was in college I missed my math final (don't worry Professors in a Florida Keys college understand and let me make it up) because my now husband refused to head in when we were deep in the middle of a tuna feeding frenzy. This day was one for the books, I'll never forget how much fun we had, and the great sushi dinner later that night. 

THE Features

"Blackfin In The Weeds" Original

01. Original 20x20" Acrylic Painting on hand crafted professional wood panel. 

02.This painting comes wired and ready to hang. It has thick 2" gallery wrapped edges so no framing is needed.

03. A series of canvas and panel acrylic originals inspired by long days of chasing weed lines offshore in the Florida Keys.

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