I've always been drawn to the textures, patterns, and colors of tropical foliage. When we opened our Islamorada studio I spent the afternoons in the Beer Garden writing e-mails, taking inventory, and so on. Sitting under the banana palm, or sipping on one of their mango infused beers I couldn't help but be inspired. I enjoyed working with a minimal color palette on this series. I hope it will bring a bit of relaxation and a memory of a time spent somewhere warm to your home.
Have you ever grown your own pineapple? If so you know they are so worth the wait! The whole process is enjoyable, from watching the roots grow in the water, to planting. The beautiful little flower buds, and the very very long wait for the most perfectly ripe and juicy pina. The Tropic Gardens Collection- A collection of 6 canvas originals inspired by the lush leaves and blooming fruits at the Florida Keys Beer Garden, located next to my Islamorada studio. 


THE Features

"Worth The Wait" Original

01.  A 20x20 Acrylic Painting on gallery wrapped canvas. 

02. This piece comes with a custom built wood frame, and will arrive wired and ready to hang. 

03. A series of canvas and panel acrylic originals inspired by long days of chasing weed lines offshore in the Florida Keys.

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